About CM


I’m a nerdy, music-obsessed illustrator, artist + web/print designer from Lansing, Michigan.


I’m a creative overachiever who has made art and making things the focus of my daily life since 1999 when I started self-publishing comics and writing blogs. I’ve dyed my hair blue for almost as long. I currently work from home, in a charming house in Lansing that I share with my boyfriend, my son (whom I affectionately refer to as “the Thunder Lizard”) and two cats.


I am the artist/maker behind PAPERCUTS handmade. (est. 2007) I make one-of-a-kind Recycled Art Journals from rescued vintage books, as well as screen-printed notebooks, mosaic picture frames, recycled magnets and other unique gifts! I sell my work online and at art shows, pop-up markets, zine fairs and comic book conventions.


Not only do I love making Art Journals, but I believe in Art Journaling as a movement, as a rebellion, and especially as an important part of self-care. I have used Art Journals as a part of my own growth/development as an artist,, and again with my recovery and healing process, after a toxic relationship and divorce. I believe in Art Journaling because I’ve seen it change my own life. I’m passionate about it!


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I’m a Libra and find myself in constant pursuit of information, beauty and fairness.  I love to read, both novels and non-fiction, especially in the bath tub. I like solving puzzles. I’m a little bit obsessed with color and coincidence and I spend a lot of time thinking about time travel. I thrive on patterns and formulas. I’m optimistic yet cynical, and constantly seeking the balance.

I can’t resist photo booths.


I love comic books. I mean to say that I love super heroes and I also love sequential art and storytelling.. I like art museums and good design, sit-coms and old cartoons. I can spend hours at thrift stores and libraries. I’m a bit awkward and introverted, but not anti-social. I enjoy listening to records, baking shortbread cookies and dancing at punk shows. I keep busy and sleep late. I tend to like to drink wine and talk a bit too loudly. .I love cooking and eating good food. I throw a hell of a party, if I do say so myself.

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I grew up in Eaton Rapids, Michigan, and moved to the West Coast in my early twenties. After living in San Diego, California and Richmond, Virginia, I happily moved home a few years ago, and remain smitten with the Mitten. #lovelansing

I live for road trips and was fortunate enough to see quite a bit of the country while traveling before my son was born. I look forward to traveling again. I have a plastic shark named Bruce who has resided on the dashboard of my various vehicles and kept me safe for the last fifteen or so years. I can be a little bit superstitious.

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I have A.D.D. but wasn’t diagnosed until I was my mid-twenties.  Since then I’ve read all I can about how the brain works. Another turning point was reading Elaine N. Aron’s The Highly Sensitive Person, which finally gave me a scientific basis for understanding what I’d known my whole life: I’m a little different than most of my classmates and coworkers, and there are things that are no big deal for other people that are a Very Big Deal to me. Related: I’m not a fan of talking on the phone.

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In December 2015, our family rescued a 1 year old cat from the Capital Area Humane Society. We named him Booji Boy (pronounced ‘Boogie”) and he is the best, lovable goofball cat friend I could ask for.  *purr*

Wavy hurrrr