About this Blog

Mission Statement:

The mission of this blog is to connect, encourage and challenge creative individuals, and those seeking inspiration and introspection. My goal is to teach and empower people to use art and creativity as self-care and to make a creative lifestyle accessible to anyone. I intend to create quality content which is well-researched and helpful, and to present it professionally and consistently, with style, integrity and warmth.

Advertising Statement:

There are no paid advertisements on this blog, nor do I receive any other payment for writing or posting content. In the event that any compensation has been given for an individual post, this will be disclosed within the post itself. While I would consider promotional posts that were appropriate and helpful to my audience, it is not my intent to make revenue this way.

This blog operates in support of my shop: PAPERCUTS handmade, and promotion for my own products and services will be thoughtfully included throughout the blog.

Copyright Statement:

All written content and photography © 2018, Corey Marie Parkhill. All rights reserved. For information on licensing content, commissioned work and other inquiries, please take a moment to get in touch.